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The Scottish Design Exchange

At the start of this month, I put up some of my paintings in the Scottish Design Exchange, a large shop in the Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow. It’s a fine site with a broad variety of craftspeople and artists showing their work.

At this time of year, of course, the shop is particularly busy with Christmas shoppers but the Galleries is in a prime location and enjoys high footfall all-year round.

 A Unique Selling Point!

Friends who are artists display their works in a variety of venues. Some have fixed locations, favoured galleries which show and sell their work exclusively. Others like to approach a variety of outlets and/or show their work in the many organised exhibitions which take place in venues all across the country throughout the year.

One thing all of these friends has in common is an interest in how much a venue/dealer charges in the form of ‘commission’, and they are genuinely gobsmacked when I tell them that the SDX charges *none*.

So What’s The Catch?

There is no ‘catch’. The SDX is not a normal business. Rather, it describes itself as a ‘concept store’ which is designed to benefit artists and the community alike, and it does this by charging the artists a modest rent for space in the shop.

With over 120 artists participating in the project this ensures enough income to pay staff wages/running costs - whatever is left is donated to Design Exchange Arts & Enterprise, a charity which runs Art and Music workshops for children in Leith and Glasgow.

Can I Show My Work There?

I don’t know, but what’s the harm in asking? Prior to having my work accepted I had never been in the SDX shop (indeed, I had never actually set foot inside Buchanan Galleries, ever!) and I was really impressed with the breadth and quality of work on show.

It’s one of those places which has something of interest for everyone and I heartily recommend a visit for anyone who has creative products they’d like to get into a quality marketplace.

Is It A Complicated Process?

No. It isn’t. If it was I wouldn’t be interested! One of the things which really impressed me most about the whole set-up is the quality of information on the website.

The process for applying to have your work considered, and the steps to take if you are accepted, could not be clearer. SDX has been going since 2015 and has developed a system which is fair, easy to use, and effective in allowing the artist to get work

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