Ian Brotherhood Landscape Art Overview

An Introduction and an Overview of my Landscape Art

It’s always a bit of a shock to see one’s landscape art framed and presented ‘properly’, as if ready for the exhibition because it feels somehow ‘finished’, and that creates mixed feelings.

I genuinely love doing these paintings and become attached to certain pieces, especially if they evoke specific memories, but it is an unfortunate fact that the accumulation of work cannot go on indefinitely.

Gathering those pieces together felt strange because it is a mixture of work old and new – the ‘old’ are roughly fifteen years old whereas the most recent have only just been framed.  

Colour and Age

The larger canvas pieces (all 1-metre square) have been hanging on the walls for years and are not suitable for sale, having been damaged to various degrees, but they all retain their original colours.

This is encouraging because one can never be sure how paintings will react to sunlight over long periods. These have lasted well and the same materials and techniques have been used in the newer work so they should stay fresh and vibrant for many years.

Experiments and Landscapes

Experimenting with boxes 

The small experimental sample I show in the video was my first attempt to use multi-layered glass inside a box-frame and I used crushed glass picked up from our local beach.

That initial test led to a lengthy series of similarly-sized works, the earliest of which were more figurative to make the ‘scene’ identifiable but I felt the abstract pieces were more effective and gradually removed any obvious distinction between land and sea, making the ‘scene’ feel flatter, more ambiguous

The Landscapes which surround me

This is based on actual observation of the scenery as viewed from Stevenston, Saltcoats and the long stretch of beach between Stevenston and Irvine Harbour known locally as Irvine Bar.

The most obvious features on the horizon, looking out to sea, are Ailsa Craig (also known as ‘Paddy’s Milestone’) and the outline of Arran. On very clear days we can also see the Mull of Kintyre and away down the coast beyond the Heads of Ayr, but these are so distant and faint as to be virtually indistinguishable from the sea, even when the air is at its clearest and the light is sharp.

Size and the Catalogue 

Although there is nothing quite like standing directly in front of a painting to get a real ‘feel’ for it, I hope the video helps you visualise how one of these works might look in your home

The Size of my Art

The larger pieces are designed for walls in large open spaces, for example, hotel reception areas – they are simply too large for most domestic settings and would be overpowering in too small a space.

The smaller pieces involve a lot of layering and glaze-work which cannot easily be seen on these videos except in close-up, and even then it is difficult to replicate the way they reflect and refract light unless you can see them for yourself directly.

My Catalogue

However, the catalogue section has high-quality images which can be enlarged to allow much closer inspection than would be possible with the naked eye – simply click on the images and magnify them to see how much detail is there.

Again, I feel it’s important to stress that these works are all completely original – no two are the same, and while I may occasionally do a ‘series’ of paintings where the same colours are used (say, for example, the ‘Noctambulist’ series) they are never identical and even a brief scan, even to the untrained eye, shows major differences in treatment, glazing, use of texture e.g. semi-precious stones, glitter, glass etc.

Moving Forward

It is possible that some of the works which appeared in the video will soon be available to purchase directly via an outlet in central Glasgow. If that comes to pass there will be an update right here and, of course, the catalogue of works will make it clear which works are only available for purchase online.

Thanks very much for taking the time to look at my work and watch the videos. It is greatly appreciated, and even if you don’t purchase any of my work I hope you found your visit here informative and interesting!

All the best,

Ian Brotherhood